Policy on constructive dialogue with shareholders

1. Basic Policy

GS Yuasa Corporation engages in constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors to promote an understanding of its business strategies and management policies among all stakeholders, and to help drive sustained growth and medium- to long-term corporate value.


(1) Dialogue framework
GS Yuasa Corporation actively responds to IR enquiries from shareholders and investors, and proactively organizes results briefing sessions and conferences under the supervision of the General Manager of the Corporate Office. Also, the Corporate Office (those in charge of public relations/investor relations) takes a leading role in aiding dialogue and encourages constructive dialogue whilst collaborating with the relevant departments as necessary.

(2) Feedback of opinions and requests to management
Opinions and requests garnered from shareholders and investors through dialogue are relayed to the management team when deemed necessary, and are also reported to the Board of Directors (twice a year) and management hearing meetings (every quarter), which are supervised by the president and attended by other officers. Every effort is made to reflect these opinions and requests into management and business activities.

(3) Prevention of insider information leaks
The Company has established four weeks prior to earnings announcements as a quiet period to limit dialogue prior to the announcement of financial results, and also limits the number of persons to whom information can be sent during dialogue with shareholders and investors to prevent the leakage of insider information.

2. Main IR Activities and Presenters



Main Presenter

Individual investor briefings

The Company participates in briefings hosted by securities companies. Also, we post briefing materials and videos to the IR section of our website.

Manager in Charge (PR, IR), Corporate Office

Analyst and institutional investor briefings

We hold results briefings every quarter, and post briefing materials to the IR section of our website. We also upload audio (Q1 and Q3) and video (Q2 and Q4) files from the day of the briefing.


CFO (Director)

Overseas investor briefings

A video of the financial results briefing held in Japan (in English) is available on the Shareholder and IR section of our website. (Q2 and Q4)


CFO (Director)


We participate in conferences for overseas investors in Japan and abroad sponsored by securities firms.


CFO (Director)

Overseas roadshows

We participate in roadshows for investors in Japan and overseas (mainly overseas investors).


CFO (Director)

Individual meetings

We respond to regular visits from investors within and outside of Japan, make visits to companies, and participate in remote (telephone/online) meetings.

General Manager, Corporate Office

Website posting of IR materials

We post earnings reports, timely disclosure materials, results briefing materials, convocation notices for shareholder meetings, statutory financial reports and quarterly securities reports, financial reports for shareholders, and integrated reports (GS Yuasa Report).

Status of Dialogue with Shareholders, etc.

In FY2022, we further strengthened communication with shareholders and investors, holding 179 IR meetings; as IR events, we participated in 4 conferences hosted by securities companies, held 16 small meetings, and held 3 factory tours for institutional investors. In addition, we held 4 briefings for individual investors, both in person and via the web.




Individual Meetings


143 cases

128 cases


28 cases

51 cases


171 cases

179 cases

Overseas Roadshows

4 times

(held on the web)

1 time

(held on the web)


3 times

4 times

Small Meetings

14 times

16 times

Factory Tours

3 times

Briefing for Individual Investors

2 times

4 times