Creating new value to realizing a sustainable society

Today, when carbon neutrality has become an important social issue, the role expected of our Group’s products, which have the functions of storing energy and supplying it when needed, is becoming even greater than ever. I understand our corporate philosophy of “Innovation and Growth,” which was formulated in 2004 on the occasion of our management integration, to mean creating new value that contributes to society and thereby achieving sustained growth ourselves. To continue growing amid the changing social environment, we must further innovate the technologies that we have nurtured so far and become a company able to spread these technologies in society and implement energy management.
 To clearly document this course of action, we have revised our previous Management Vision and Management Policy and formulated a new Sustainability Management Policy. This document demonstrates our management stance of creating the new value required by the present age by capitalizing on the energy technology that we have fostered so far and growing together with society. I personally intend to take the helm and put the Sustainability Management Policy into practice throughout the entire Group with the aim of becoming an indispensable entity for society over the next century as well.


September 29, 2023


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